As the redheaded child of exhausted parents, Kim grew up enjoying the role of the middle child. Allowed to roam free in the heart of Amish Country, her imagination was ripened by a life lived outdoors. Now she enjoys the role of being one of the most sought after storytellers and speakers in the country.


One reviewer stated, “Kim is a master at seamlessly building bridges from story, to song, to story.  Like all good storytellers she evokes both laughter and tears, but her smooth silky voice, impeccable timing, and dead-on anticipation of her listeners’ needs place her at the pinnacle of her craft.”


In her work as a humorist, storyteller, singer and songwriter, she has taken home a full armload of awards and recognitions. She has worked on and created successful peace projects including the Peace by Piece Project in collaboration with the Taubman Museum of Fine Arts.


Kim currently has 8 audio collections, the latest two being, A Wandering Mind, a recent 2015 Storytelling Award Winner and a folk operetta, The Ballad of Ronnie Calloway, which was recorded live in front of 800 people at the National Storytelling Festival. It has received high praise from the world of storytelling and from the Folk/Americana music world.

Tim is not able to come to our festival due to health issues.  We hope he gets better soon.  In his stead, we will have Michael Reno Harrell.  Go to to learn more.
Tim Lowry has been telling stories of the People, by the People, and for the People for 15 years. Telling a variety of Folk Tales and Stories from American History, Tim has presented thousands of educational programs for schools across the country. At festivals Tim entertains audiences with a mixture of Folk Tales and Personal Narrative.  He also presents storytelling/ communication workshops at corporate retreats. When Tim is not on the road, he makes his home in Summerville, SC, where he often performs stories of southern culture and history from the “Sweet Tea Trail.”


Tim grew up in southeastern Kentucky where he learned the art of storytelling from Appalachian folk who spun yarns and told tales to entertain, teach morals,and pass along local history. He studied drama in high school and toured the East Coast in 1987 with a drama school from Greenville, SC. After earning a degree in Theater, Tim taught English language arts for five years. He left the classroom in 2000 to become a full-time professional performer. He has made several television appearances, recorded a number of storytelling CDs, filmed a DVD, and written a storytelling handbook.


Tim’s wife, Bonnie, is a Suzuki and O’Conner certified violin/fiddle teacher with twelve years classroom experience in music education. Tim and Bonnie have two adopted daughters — Libby (6 yrs) and Bethany (4 yrs). The Lowrys enjoy puppet shows, vegetable gardening, picture books, live opera, and dancing to music on their 1911 Victrola.



Fanny Crawford

Fanny Crawford grew up in a west Philadelphia neighborhood learning family stories and cultural history from an extended circle of storytelling relatives and friends. She has been sharing family stories, folk tales, and historical biographies since beginning informal tellings of ancestor stories at her own family reunions in the 1980s.  Since 2002, her story repertoire includes historical narratives and portrayals, world folk tales, tall tales and original stories adapted for diverse adult, child and family audiences.  Recently she has focused on Grandfather & Grandmother Programs with tales from her own and more distant families, Water Ways and Earth stories for mixed audiences of children and adults, and house concerts in a variety of venues – from birthday parties and day care programs to bridal showers and senior centers.